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    My Name is Quedou Priyadarshini Gupta and I would like to be called by PRIYA
    I am from Mauritius and I am an Educator. I teach Physical Education to students aged 12 years to 18 years old. I work in a Govt secondary Girls’ college.
    I am a part-time and voluntary trade unionist in Mauritius Trade Union Congress (MTUC).
    I am the President of Physical Education and Sports Employees Union (PESEU) which is affiliated with MTUC where I hold the posts of Director of Gender and Youth. I have been involved in the Trade Union Movement for 10 years.
    TULDA is a stepping stone for many Trade unionists who want to work and fight for the betterment of the workers. It helps us to gain and share experiences with other Unionists from different parts of Africa that can be used in our own contexts. Education is the key for all successful programs therefore, with TULDA, implementation is also possible. Hence, TULDA is definitely a program that should be accessible to many other Unionists.

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